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Monitor Traffic to Your Site to Be No 1 on Google

n order to be No 1 on Google, you must have the ability to analyze what keywords are being used to generate traffic to your site, you must know how your website is ranking with the various search engines, and you must know how your site is performing.

A good way to start understanding the effectiveness of your website is to use a FREE tool like Google Analytics to check visually with what is going on in terms of traffic to and on your site.

Here is a quick list of the type of questions and analysis you must perform to know how well you are performing.

– how much traffic are you getting to your website?

– what keywords are being used by traffic to get to your website?

– what is the bounce rate on your website?

– how many page views does your site get per visit to your website?

– what pages are the most important to the traffic to your website?

Collecting and analyzing this type of information is also sometimes called tracking. Tracking is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign as it will tell you if you set up your campaign correctly and if it is effective in terms of generating the sales results you desire.

The main disadvantage to using analytics, instead of actual search results to measure the effectiveness of your website, is that analytics show you only how you are doing on keywords that are performing well because they record information only after someone clicks from a search result to your website. If a keyword is ranking but no one is clicking on it, analytics will not ever tell you that. Similarly, if you are not ranking at all on an important keyword, analytics will not specifically bring that to your attention.

Here is one other unofficial benefit of using Google Analytics. Having some Google code on your site is a pretty good indication of how important you feel Google is to your site. Your loyalty and acceptance of Google does not go unnoticed. Your loyalty will be rewarded in terms of how often your site is visited by the Googlebot and how your site is subsequently ranked.

Here is a tip for you to do early in your efforts to become an Internet Marketing professional.

Go to www dot Google dot come forward slash analytics and sign up. If you have a gmail account, it is reasonable to expect instant approval most of the time. Google will provide you a snippet of code to add to your website and within 24 hours, you will be receiving accurate data about activity on your site. You will be able to track, an unlimited number of domains through one Google Analytics account.